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Chikungunya & Dengue

Chikungunya & Dengue

The year 2016 has seen surge in the cases of Dengue and Chikungunya in the entire North India. The hospitals and health centers were flooded with these cases.

We organized Chikungunya camps, under the guidance of eminent Ayurvedic physician, Dr Raghavan Ramankutty, in and around Delhi during October and November 2016.

A 34 year old male came to the camp with diagnosis of Chikungunya and dengue. He was admitted in the hospital for 8 days. The blood investigations revealed that the platelet count was highly reduced and his liver functions were deranged. He was given hydration and antipyretics.

Patient was presented to the camp, with complaint of severe body ache, stiffness of the back (he could not stand straight and walk), muscular pains and severe joint pain (Knee and hip joints).

Patient reported tremendous relief after taking Dr. Raghavan’s herbal medicines and recovered quickly. The quality of life has improved miraculously after therapy. His energy levels have increased significantly. Patient can perform strenuous activities with ease. He is very cheerful and calm than ever before. The following Table 1 depicts the changes in patient’s health status after taking Dr. Raghavan’s Medicines.

Table 1: Changes documented after Dr. Raghavan’s Therapy

Sign And Symptoms Before Dr. Raghavan’s Therapy After Dr. Raghavan’s Therapy
Body Ache/ Body Pains Severe body pains Very Mild pain
Pain interfering with normal day to day activities Severe interference Slight interference
Energy levels Highly reduced, always tired Increased Energy State
Emotional Status Sadness, Hopelessness Peaceful, calm, Joyful
Digestion Slow Good
General Health worse Improved


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Chickungunya, Dengue

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