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Ayurveda in Public Health

Pesticide Disaster – Kasargod


Name: Project Sanjeevini


It aims to provide Ayurvedic Health Care, manage disaster uncertainties and rehabilitate endosulfan victims in the eleven severely affected Gram Panchayats (GPs) of Kasargod district.

Target Patients and Areas

Eleven Gram Panchayats covering twelve villages (group and sub-villages) have been severely affected. These villages are Enmakaje, Belur, Kumbadaje, Badiadka, Muliyar, Karadukka, Periya, Pullur, Ajanur, Kallar, Panathady, Kayyur, Cheemeni.

Patients in all age-groups in all the 11 affected Gram Panchayats (GP) will be covered. The medical camps will initially target school children with learning & other disabilities. Later, it will target general public. On the basis of toxicology and clinical assessments, patients will be categorized as ‘Endosulfan-affected’ cases and ‘General’ cases. However, all patients attending the camp will be provided treatment, irrespective of the results of toxicology studies.

Work done till date

  • Jan-Oct 2010 – Preliminary Medical Camps were conducted.
Period of camp Venue Patients served
January 2010 Kasargod 135
March 2010 Pedra, Bovikanam, Badiadka 180
April 2010 Town Govt. UP School, Kasaragod

Perdala Govt. High School, Badiyadukka

Periya Community Hall, Periya

Unique Academy Cheemeni, Cheemeni

August 2010 Kasargod   60
October 2010 Vani Nagar


Total 500
  • Jun 2011 – Awareness cum Medical Camps
  • Jan 2011 – three medical camps were conducted.
  • A village was adopted: Ambalathara, a village in Kanhangad district has been adopted with an aim to evolve a model village that champions the rehabilitation activities. In this village medical camps were conducted every month.
  • Awareness-drive was conducted with an intention to educate the patients on the efficacy, procedure and the probative potentiality of Dathathreya Ayurveda. It involved the display of video testimonials of complicated cases cured by Dr.R.Raghavan, lectures and interactive sessions where patients asked their queries.


We entered into an MOU with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) for conducting Plastic and Reconstructive surgeries. These surgeries will ONLY be conducted on affected persons under our Ayurvedic treatment.The physicians from AIMS will visit our medical camps and assess the need for surgeries on our patients. The treatment will be done at AIMS hospital, Kochi. The cost of surgery will be borne by Dathathreya Health Institution. Contact persons at AIMS:  Dr. Mohit Sharma, and Dr. Kinnar Ramesh Kapadia.