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Ayurveda in Public Health

Chikungunya Epidemic – Kerala

70 free medical relief camps were conducted in Allepy, Kottayam, Kuninjeer, Edamattam, Pattanamtitta, Chittar, Edamaragu, Erattupettah etc. More than 20000 patients were treated. These camps were organised by local Government, NGOs, patients and well-wishers.

Details about treatment for Chickungunya


Diagnosis is through systemic examination, ayurvedic pulse examination, and routine blood and urine examinations. Ayurvedic reference Pulse examination of patients’ relatives with first-degree affinity i.e. son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or father can also be done in the place of patient.

Medicine prescribed were a special proprietary medicinal powder (Rasayana), mixed with a simple herbal-decoction (Kashayam) prepared from 2-4 medicinal plants locally available.  The medicinal powder contains 31 herbs carefully chosen from the Himalayan ranges and few from local areas. The herbal decoction is prescribed after individual pulse examination and by assessing each patient’s health needs.  The medicine has high nutrient content and acts as a wholesome food supplement, thus leaving the patient fatigue-free. It repairs the degenerating joints and muscles which have been affected severely by swelling and pain. However, long-term use of analgesics produces skin rashes, exfoliation of palmer and plantar regions, and this needs additional  treatment. This medicine is purely non-toxic, non-narcotic, non-steroidal & has NO SIDE-EFFECTS. But, some patients who were on analgesic or alternate medication for long duration will experience increase in pain while withdrawing earlier medicines. However, within a day or two of complete rest, these withdrawal symptoms will disappear.

Instructions and restrictions

The treatment begins 24hrs after the last consumption of pain-killers (if any).  The mixture of medicinal powder and herbal decoction has to be consumed every 4th hourly (6 times daily) for 5 days. The dosage of the medicinal power is 1/2 gm for patients aged more than 5 yrs and 1/4 gm for those aged less than 5ys of age. From the 6th day till the 30th day the herbal-decoction alone must be consumed.

Restrictions during first 5 days of treatment: Food or water should not be consumed, unless specifically permitted. But, patients will not feel tired and hungry as the medicines contain nutrients for 120 Hrs. Sleep should not be avoided at night. Complete rest must be taken during day time without sleeping or watching TV. Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided.  Patient should NOT take bath, otherwise all the lost symptoms will re-occur.

Restrictions from the 5th day to the 30th day:  Do not engage in tiresome job. Only after complete recovery and after consultation with the physician you should take (oil) bath. Consume light vegetarian food before 6 pm & do not have dinner.


Those patients on our medication from onset of disease will recover within 5 days. Fever, body pain and swelling will completely disappear and patients have reported that they feel better than how they were before the disease onset.

For patients who have already consumed pain-killers and/or alternate medication, within 5 days of consuming our medicines fever will disappear. Body pain and swelling will reduce to a large extent enabling easy mobility. Within 30 days, all the other symptoms will disappear.

Note: The treatment of pre-existing ailments aggravated due to Chikungunya will need more time for treatment. This will vary from patient to patient.

Disease re-occurrence

The ailment does not re-occur in patients who were cured by us.

Chickungunya Evidences